Kentucky’s Health Insurance Marketplace

Kentucky moved from healthcare.gov to Kynect for 2022 and beyond.  The transition was a little bumpy for many Kentucky residents.  If you need help with under age 65 health insurance in Kentucky and you are already in the Kynect system, I can try to help.  First, you must assign me as your agent by calling Kynect at 1-855-306-8959 or logging into your Kynect profile.  Please make sure you assign me as your Insurance Agent (not authorized rep), Jeffrey Janosick MedMyWay NPN 10935898.  Once I am assigned as your agent, I can access your information on Kynect and try to help sort out any issues you are having or help find new coverage.  Due to complexities with Kynect, I cannot guarantee I can solve all problems but I can try to help.

Kynect logo with phone number