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2023 Medicare Annual Enrollment is October 15th thru December 7th

Stephanie Wildey Griffin Avatar
Stephanie Wildey Griffin
12/13/2019 - Facebook

Jeff was awesome to work with! He was very knowledgeable and helpful!!

Mike Johnston Avatar
Mike Johnston
11/06/2019 - Facebook

Jefff has been my health insurance agent for 3 years. At our first meeting he took the time to go over several options with me and we selected a plan that would fit my needs and my budget. Jeff is always available for questions, or consultation. He is there when you need him to assist in any health insurance related issue. 2 years ago I has a couple claims against Humana. Humana plaid the claim and then through a clerical error, the reversed the payment to the provider a year later. I tried in vein to explain the situation to the Humana customer service but made no progress in 9 months. The provider was frustrate and ready to send the bill to collection. Finally through frustration, I called Jeff. He came right to the rescue. He informed me this is what he does, I should have contacted him at the start. Within 48 hours Jeff had the problem resolved and the payments reinstated. This is the measure of a great agent and service provider. Jeff is reliable and can be trusted. He is simply the best.

Ann Murphy Avatar
Ann Murphy
11/26/2020 - Google

Fabulous service! Enrolled me on first day of eligibility, working on a Sunday. Really stays in great touch, sending me reminders. Great quality service!

Mary Beth Crocker Avatar
Mary Beth Crocker
10/26/2020 - Google

Jeff Janosick made my “journey” through the sign-up process for Medicare easy, informative and thorough. He answered my questions and provided detailed information, which allowed me to make informed decisions about what was right for me.

Kelly Hanson Avatar
Kelly Hanson
11/26/2020 - Google

We have worked with Jeff for 5 years and it had been a wonderful experience. He is very knowledgeable and friendly in explaining things not understood. He has helped us get the insurance we can afford as 2 self employed people.

Dan June Avatar
Dan June
5/16/2021 - Google

Jeff Janosick was very responsive to our needs and quick to answer our questions. He thoroughly reviewed our needs and provided us with a plan that was well suited to fit our needs.He replied to our e-mails in a timely manner and went beyond his normal duties to help me with a problem at the Pharmacy. All in all, he did a great job.

Linda Dupree Birkley Avatar
Linda Dupree Birkley
1/29/2016 - Facebook

Jeff is very knowledgable in this industry. He takes the time to sit with you and ask the right questions to get the right products for you and your family that will work for your budget. Thanks Jeff

Stephanie Griffin Avatar
Stephanie Griffin
4/26/2020 - Google

Jeff was fantastic to work with! Having to get health insurance is very stressful. He was so knowlegeable and helpful and totally put my mind at ease!

Pam Beckham Avatar
Pam Beckham
10/26/2020 - Google

Jeff has been helping me for a quite a few years with my health insurance needs. He has made every part of the process so easy. He's always quick to return calls, texts and emails. Makes the whole process pain free and easy to understand and manages to get me a great rate every year. I can't imagine using anyone else and hope I never have to.

Jackie Evans Avatar
Jackie Evans
9/26/2020 - Google

I’ve worked with Jeff since I retired at age 60. Truly don’t know how anyone could navigate Medicare without his help....especially people that take many medications. I like his professional approach. Highly recommend.

Greg Cameron Avatar
Greg Cameron
10/28/2019 - Facebook

Jeff, is awesome. Call!!

Dee Murphy Avatar
Dee Murphy
8/23/2021 - Facebook

Jeff Janosick is wonderful! He's been attentive and accommodating to our changing health insurance needs. Always thorough and timely. A genuinely nice person. Jeff, you do make health insurance easy!

Jason Mullen Avatar
Jason Mullen
4/26/2019 - Google

Very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend Jeff to anyone.

Steve Lathrop Avatar
Steve Lathrop
11/03/2021 - Google

Having left the corporate world and needing personal insurance I never knew everything involved with making sure to get the right plan. Jeff explained Maximum Out of Pocket and Coinsurance, as well making sure my doctors were in network. I am so glad I talked to him first. He got everything taken care of and it took 5 minutes. Thanks Jeff.

Jim Bestul Avatar
Jim Bestul
11/14/2017 - Facebook

Jeff does an excellent job for me and my family.

Lynnette Benton Avatar
Lynnette Benton
12/26/2020 - Google

Jeff Janosick and his company made what seemed a very difficult and intimidating process as smooth and easy as could be. They are absolutely amazing.Always friendly and available to answer any of my questions.I highly recommend them to everyone..

Phillip Gorgone Avatar
Phillip Gorgone
11/12/2015 - Facebook

Always helpful, great follow-up, rare in this day in age!

Ellen Dolan Avatar
Ellen Dolan
8/12/2017 - Facebook

A few years ago Jeff Janosick was referred to me to by a family friend and I could not be more thankful for that referral. Jeff is patient, accommodating, hardworking and easy to communicate with. He listened patiently while I explained our family wants and needs for our new health insurance policy, our situation was unique. He did a thorough analysis of the different plans and explained each one to me and helped me understand what policy was best for my family. The coverage was thorough and affordable. Also, Jeff responds to phone calls and emails immediately. He will get the answer you are looking for quickly and return your call promptly. I know Jeff has our best interest at heart and he works hard to ensure his clients are satisfied. Thank you Jeff!

timothy lancaster Avatar
timothy lancaster
10/04/2021 - Google

My brother-in-law recommended Jeff based on all his clients Jeff had satisfied with his help over the years; and we are now also well satisfied clients! Jeff helped us get the best insurance for us after my wife retired and lost her insurance package. We reached out to Jeff again as I was approaching 65 to help with the whole Medicare application process and finding the best supplemental insurance for our needs and budget. I can't recommend Jeff strongly enough! He just made everything so easy, he was very clear and able to explain our choices and options and what they meant in terms of real time care. Jeff is definitely 'the man' when it comes to getting professional insurance assistance. very grateful for his help.

Greg C Avatar
Greg C
4/26/2020 - Google

Jeff helped me and my family get the best coverage we could. He answered my questions and provided timely communication. His service was free too! If you are shopping for health insurance, contact Jeff for sure.

RP Proctor Avatar
RP Proctor
3/23/2018 - Facebook

Jeff has been an absolute blessing to our family. He has gone above and beyond to make sure we were fully insured and covered, answering every question and helping take care of our family. You could not be in better hands, he is truly a man who cares about helping people through thick and thin.

Barb Vogel Avatar
Barb Vogel
9/26/2020 - Google

Finding myself in a worrisome situation with cobra insurance coverage about to expire, I found Jeff in an online search. One phone conversation and a few emails later, I have continued coverage. If anyone finds themselves in a similar unfortunate situation, give him a call!! Thanks, Jeff, for your professionalism, research and knowledge. You have been a lifesaver!!

Penny Pohrer Schneithorst Avatar
Penny Pohrer Schneithorst
5/31/2016 - Facebook

Jeff Janosik is the BEST Insurance agent EVER!! He is SOOOOO quick whenever I need anything (and it's seriously been EVERY single time we communicate- I've used him for 5 years now). Just needed him quickly now-I am at an urgent care and realized that I can't find my insurance card. He had it to me within minutes! He gets you great deals and is so easy to work with! He gets a AAA+++ in my book!

matt arthur Avatar
matt arthur
8/02/2021 - Google

Jeff is a great guy! Very professional and easy to work with. Highly recommended!

Alex Van Leeuwen Avatar
Alex Van Leeuwen
8/26/2020 - Google

If you're self employed, you owe it to yourself to talk to Jeff and Suzanne. They have worked wonders to help me find the right healthcare plan without having to dive into the confusing world of healthcare myself. Thank you Jeff and Suzanne!

Lee Witte Avatar
Lee Witte
6/26/2020 - Google

Jeff is a true professional and always has his client's best interest at heart. I highly recommend Jeff!

Geri Murtaugh Avatar
Geri Murtaugh
5/12/2021 - Google

Jeff has been helping me navigate the "world of insurance" for over 10 years now.He has always been quick to respond to my questions and very helpful in pointing me to plans that fit my personal needs.I have recommended Jeff to many friends and family members. You won't regret working with Jeff!

Michele Kenton Avatar
Michele Kenton
2/29/2016 - Facebook

Last fall my dad had a rather urgent need to find a new health insurance plan. A bit stressed, I called Jeff for help. He patiently worked with both of us to determine my dads needs, navigated through the maze of available plans and found the perfect one to fit out budget and that best addressed my dads heath concerns. He is professional, prompt, accurate and has excellent follow up. If you're in need of health insurance or a second option, Jeff is definitely the first call you should make! He makes health insurance easy!