At MedMyWay, we specialize in matching people with a health insurance plan that is right for them no matter what stage of life they are in. MedMyWay makes Medicare and health insurance easy!


We Are Unbiased Advocates

We are completely independent and do not work for an insurance company. Our goal is to analyze and present many carrier options. Not just one!

Expert Recommendations at No Cost

MedMyWay is compensated by insurance companies, not our clients. The premium you pay for your insurance is the same whether you work with MedMyWay or not.

Lifetime Service

We provide lifetime claims service for your health insurance policy, and can help you sort through your statements, claims issues, and appeals.


Under 65

Over 65

MedMyWay is Medicare & Health Insurance Made Easy!

MedMyWay is an insurance agency operated by Jeff & Suzanne Janosick. MedMyWay has helped thousands with individual health insurance (under 65) and selecting the appropriate Medicare coverage (over 65). How can we help you?


Contact Jeff or Suzanne at MedMyWay. We will work together to make sure you covered


“Jeff is such an amazing businessman.” “His customer service and entrepreneurship always go way beyond what’s expected and he pays perfect attention to every detail.” “Five stars all across the board from our family as well as some of our close friends.”
Jamie Ritchey Avatar
Jamie Ritchey
Made decisions so much easier, really appreciate having Jeff in my corner!
Bud Ruffing Avatar
Bud Ruffing
Great to work with. Solid advice quick and response. Thorough follow up that I love.
Steve Short Avatar
Steve Short
Jeff was very knowledgeable, took his time to throughly go through the different plans and help me pick the best one for me.
Renee Wilkins Avatar
Renee Wilkins
Jeff was extremely helpful in guiding us through the Medicare sign up process, explaining the various parts of Medicare and the various plans available. He made it a breeze!
Jerry List Avatar
Jerry List
Jeff helped me navigate the complex Medicare Advantage world. He was professional, very well versed and I could not recommend him any higher.
LH Linn Avatar
LH Linn

I’ve worked with Jeff since I retired at age 60. Truly don’t know how anyone could navigate Medicare without his help....especially people that take many medications. I like his professional approach. Highly recommend.

Jackie Evans

Finding myself in a worrisome situation with cobra insurance coverage about to expire, I found Jeff in an online search. One phone conversation and a few emails later, I have continued coverage. If anyone finds themselves in a similar unfortunate situation, give him a call!! Thanks, Jeff. You have been a lifesaver!!

Barb Vogel

If you're self employed, you owe it to yourself to talk to Jeff and Suzanne. They have worked wonders to help me find the right healthcare plan without having to dive into the confusing world of healthcare myself. Thank you Jeff and Suzanne!

Alex Van Leeuwen

Jeff is a true professional and always has his client's best interest at heart. I highly recommend Jeff!

Lee White

Jeff was fantastic to work with! Having to get health insurance is very stressful. He was so knowlegeable and helpful and totally put my mind at ease!

Stephanie Griffin

Jeff helped me and my family get the best coverage we could. He answered my questions and provided timely communication. His service was free too! If you are shopping for health insurance, contact Jeff for sure.

Greg C.

Very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend Jeff to anyone.

Jason Mullen

Jeff has been helping me for a quite a few years with my health insurance needs. He has made every part of the process so easy. He's always quick to return calls, texts and emails. Makes the whole process pain free and easy to understand and manages to get me a great rate every year. I can't imagine using anyone else and hope I never have to.

Pam Beckham

Jeff Janosick and his company made what seemed a very difficult and intimidating process as smooth and easy as could be. They are absolutely amazing. Always friendly and available to answer any of my questions. I highly recommend them to everyone..

Lynnette Benton

We have worked with Jeff for 5 years and it had been a wonderful experience. He is very knowledgeable and friendly in explaining things not understood. He has helped us get the insurance we can afford as 2 self employed people.

Kelly Hanson


Contact Jeff or Suzanne at MedMyWay. We will work together to make sure you covered